The new commercial strategy is focused on bringing cruise ships to the city centre.

Huelva, 8th April 2022. The Port of Huelva’s Levante Wharf has received today the arrival of the ship Le Bougainville of the French cruise company Ponant with 108 passengers, most of them French nationals, and 118 crew members. The ship is calling at Huelva from the Port of Cadiz and will subsequently set course for Lisbon (Portugal).

The President of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, visited the ship, where she welcomed Captain Thomas Gilles and presented him with a metope in memory of his first call at the Port of Huelva.

Pilar Miranda emphasised that “From the Port of Huelva  we are promoting a new commercial strategy aimed at the arrival of cruise ships belonging to the “luxury” segment with passengers with high purchasing power, in search of new differentiated experiences and who appreciate the most privileged environmental surroundings, such as those available in Huelva”. Likewise, the president of the Port of Huelva added that “we want the cruise passengers to visit the city and enjoy the commercial, hospitality, cultural and leisure offer so that they contribute to boosting the economy, positively value the Port and their visit to Huelva and can repeat their experience with their families and friends”.

The Port of Huelva continues to work to become a “boutique” port focussed on a segment of cruise ships with high purchasing power, arriving in the city centre. In this context, the Port of Huelva will set up a cruise terminal on the Muelle de Levante, which will be added to the whole range of services offered by the transformation of this space, such as a Marina Deportiva and different commercial and business, sports, cultural and leisure areas.

The cruise passengers will have the opportunity to visit the city centre and also plan to make excursions to the Doñana National Park and the village of El Rocío, as well as to La Rábida and the Colombian sites.

On their arrival, the tourists were welcomed by a flamenco group, promoted by the Huelva City Council within the framework of the Huelva Cruise Network, a working group to plan the reception of cruise ships, which includes the Huelva Chamber of Commerce, the Huelva Federation of Employers (FOE), the Association for the Commercial Promotion of the Port of Huelva (HuelvaPort), the Provincial Tourist Board, the Huelva City Council, the Andalusian Regional Government, tourism companies and the Port of Huelva.